I hope my head stays with me,   and never is it severed accidentally or on purpose.     But, it would give you a chance to look at yourself from an entirely new perspective.  Do you think if you could see your self in person, from a short distance,  but not as a reflection,  would you like what you see? Maybe the insecurities you had about your body would suddenly disappear,  and in some ironic comedy you would have a moment of self acceptance,  before the big sleep.  All the time spent fretting was all wasted time,  you just couldn’t see what everyone else saw.

"Self Aware" by Lacey Braham

“Self Aware” by Lacey Braham

Today’s inspiration comes from gory decapitation photos of posed prisoners of war I saw a few months ago.  They grossed me out,  but they were also intensely fascinating, in an esoteric ironic way.    I could go into some long-winded tangent of my deepish thoughts and theories,  but I’ll spare you this one time.



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