Ripping Off Martha

I’ve never been a fan of copying someone else’s work,  but the cover of the Christmas edition of Martha Stewart magazine was way too christmas Kitsch cute to *not rip off.    The instructions in the magazine were rather simplified and stupid,  and I feel compelled to pass along my own tips on this ridiculously charming wreath.

I still love you Martha,   I'm just jealous I didn't think of it myself.

I still love you Martha, I’m just jealous I didn’t think of it myself.

More to look at...

Firstly,  Martha HERSELF (not) says you can easily find Vintage putz house,  that you can/should “renovate” and fix up.  I call bullshit.  I haven’t been able to find a single vintage putz house EVER.  I have found numerous factory-made versions in craft stores etc, but they are never the right scale, or  are too encrusted with chipboard sentimeCandy colored winter wonderland ntal christmas propaganda such as “Joy to the World”.   The templates for the DIY putz houses provided on,  would require a lot of resizing to actually be the correct scale for this project,  unless you want a giant wreath.    That being said, a simple google search for HO scale putz house templates will lead you to endless patterns for your own little Putz village.   I made my houses out of old packaging cardboard.  Cereal boxes make great sturdy little houses.    I used paper printout templates, used my sticker machine to stick the template to the cereal box,  then used an X-acto knife and ruler (sometimes) to cut out the pieces, and score the folds.  You can paint then before assembly, which makes for a cleaner finished house-   I did not do this, because I prefer to make things in an assembly line, and it seemed more practical to fully assemble all the house, then paint.  Its your journey, take your own path.

My other issue was the sisal trees.  They are surprisingly hard to come by on the cheap.  They are ridiculously easy to make if you want to get messy, and have a drill and some small gauge wire.  You can find many a tutorial on youtube.  The trees I used were a collection of trees I gathered from craft stores,  hobby shops and the Christmas section in London Drugs.

I used a lot of hobby shop essentials such as Flex paste, snow soft flake, HO scale skiers and deer.   I love getting to experiment with these materials, and perhaps that is the best reason to totally rip off someone else’s ideas.Blue door

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