From December, 2014

Flocking Christmas

Christmas is a time for Tacky and Kitschy Christmas crafting and I am prepared to take every free moment to flock something up. I found these really campy DIY putz houses on and decided to take a stab at this Mid-century house.  Very cute, and a very quick and easy project, with well thought out…

Quaint as all Hell

Christmas is just over two weeks away and I have a lot of growing up to do. Those two things are not related, just things to consider.  

Ripping Off Martha

I’ve never been a fan of copying someone else’s work,  but the cover of the Christmas edition of Martha Stewart magazine was way too christmas Kitsch cute to *not rip off.    The instructions in the magazine were rather simplified and stupid,  and I feel compelled to pass along my own tips on this ridiculously…