The Strange Man in my Backyard

Once, I found a man in my backyard. He wandered down the alley, up my driveway and around the corner. He found my little oasis, my private sanctuary in the city. He sat down and had a few gulps of  black sludge from a Bacardi Breezer bottle. He was talking to himself and then passed out, with his head on the back of my craigslist patio furniture.

The GuyAll the while, I was cowering in the house, peaking from behind the curtains, texting anyone who was available. I took a photo of the guy, from my perspective in my living room.

The situation progressed. He got taken away in an ambulance. He never woke up, from the moment he first passed out, to when they eventually flopped him on to a stretcher. I have no idea what Peakhappened, and as fast as it began, it was over in a total of 45 minutes.

I have no idea what happened to  the guy. I spent the better part of the summer going over possible scenarios and checking out every hobo passing through my alley. It was a very eerie day in July.  Grim


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