The Grossest Thing I Ever Made…

I am in the beginning stages of about 3000 projects right now, and all the “excitement” is being stored in my right foot. I have a job that requires me to stand for hours on end, and when I googled “searing pain in heel while standing”, all symptoms point to plantar fasciitis. Maybe… but I think it is a metaphorical teratoma of really good ideas. There is a LOT of excellent diorama material in there, and it is seriously messing with my production.

Things have gotten weird.

I welcome you to patiently wait for me to get my shit together and actually make something worthy of your time. While you wait, here is the grossest thing I have ever made.

This teratoma was made with plasticine, my own hair, and some red acrylic pouring medium. Anyone who has seen it in person has been disgusted. Let that be a warning to you.



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