Something About Stonehenge

Stonehenge has been in the public eye lately. New discoveries blah blah blah, more mystery and intrigue. Some really interesting theories about why, when and how. I recommend going down your own google rabbit hole on this topic, as I have many times and it’s never been more interesting.

I made my questionably accurate miniaturized Stonehenge Ruins a few months ago. It was surprisingly fun to try and map out the ruins in accordance with a bird’s eye view diagram I found online. I made the stones out of recycled styrofoam packaging, and used many layers of acrylic paint washes to add more texture. It came at a time in my Life where I was just passing through a massive creative block. These relatively small but detailed pieces are my medicine for crappy days. I just sat hunched over, cutting styrofoam, mixing and pouring paint, listening to educational tv programs on Stonehenge. This piece probably took me 10 hours from start to finish, and that’s 10 hours away from the regular shit of life.

But the special part is, I don’t exactly remember what was getting me down that day, I just remember being fascinated, engaged, creative and the feeling of accomplishment of making something I actually really like. You can file that away as inspirational or maybe nauseating. Stonehenge Puppy

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