When I was a kid I watched an episode of Unsolved Mysteries with my Dad,  all about Spontaneous Human Combustion.   It was perplexing to me, but wonderful science has taken some of the fun out of it.    If you read about it,  its really just a bad timing sort of thing.  You are old, possibly drunk, or on a ketogenic diet,   you fall asleep with a lit cigarette and you become a human candle.  Its one way to go, and you will certainly be the talk of the town!

    I made this paper scene, with my little victim seated in a styrofoam chair.   Poor guy was just enjoying a quick smoke.   Next thing you know, the guy goes up in flames (creme brulee torch).   My intention was to just burn the core of his body, but there was a miscommunication with the torch operator.    Not everything turns out as we intend,  like sometimes your paper house goes up in flames.  But at least I got this grainy video out of it. 


  The song in the video, if you were wondering, is Beach Point Pleasant, by Ducktails.  Its a lovely song. 

   image image image

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