Art Brut

My friend Jenn Pearson (fellow hairstylist and incredible artist, not to mention the lady with all the ideas), has recently enlightened me to some terminology about the art world. We were speaking about how pretentious the art community seems at times, and she refered to this term I had never heard before; “Outsider Art”. The way I understood it, someone who was making stuff and fancying themselves an Artist, but had never studied art seriously, was considered an Outsider in the art community. I went home and googled it, and turns out I AM AN OUTSIDER.

But don’t worry about me, I have always *felt like an Outsider, and now I actually feel like I BELONG to something. I am an outsider, but now I am grouped into a pigeon-hole with other outsiders. We may be clinically insane, and we use art therapeutically. We may just make art on the weekends but still have jobs and responsibilities. We may not have a fine art degree or maybe we don’t even have any talent. I reserve the right to use materials incorrectly, and learn through trial and error.


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